Bank-Note 2.0 with Blowfish Encryption

We are pleased to announce that Bank-Note v2.0 has been released and is now available to purchase from our shop for only £1.00!

Bank-Note 2.0 has been re-written to incorporate the Blowfish cipher which it now uses for the encryption/decryption of your data file.

For further details, please see the ‎Bank-Note product page.

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Mavericks compatibility

As many of you are aware, Apple’s new operating system MacOS X Mavericks is now available as a FREE download.
Here at SPACE we have been busy testing our software for compatibility with the new system and we are happy to report that ALL of our applications are compatible with the new system.
This means that if you want to purchase any of our software today, you can do so with the confidence that it will carry on working as expected if you should decide to upgrade your system to Mavericks in the future.

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Hide-Out! v.3.0 Out Now!

The wait is finally over, we are pleased to announce the return of Hide-Out! Now at version 3.0, it’s compatible with Intel based Macs running systems from MacOSX 10.5 onward.

Hide-Out! v.3.0 allows you to easily take advantage of MacOSX’s built in ability to hide a folder. You can now do this quickly, without having to use the Unix commands in the Terminal application. So if you have some files and folders that you’d like to keep hidden away from prying eyes, you can now keep them in your secret hideout folder.

For further information please see this page.

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TimeBandit X v.6.2 Out Now!

We are pleased to announce that TimeBandit X v.6.2 has been released! This new version is a maintenance release for the recently released v.6.0 and as such is a FREE update for all current v.6.0 users. If you are currently using version 6.0 we will shortly send you an email to let you know where you can download your update. For this new version we have revised the way the application connects to the Contacts application for better integration in MacOS X Mountain Lion. We have also changed the “Net Link” view, so that those of you who have purchased the new Status from Panic for your iPad will be able to display the main TimeBandit X timesheet list on your Status Board.

For further information on TimeBandit X v.6.2 please see this page.

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