TimeBandit X – 5.0.2[e] Trial – Date Made Available Here: 12/05/2012
TimeBandit X is the easiest and most user friendly time tracking and job logging application for the Macintosh platform.
TimeBandit X is a “must have” application for anyone who needs to keep an accurate account of the time they spend with their Mac. If you find that you spend too much time filling out paper time sheets or just trying to remember how long that last job took to do, then this is the software for you. It can even keep tracking your time while your Mac is rebooting or switched off!

TimeBandit X – v.7.0 Full Version
The full licensed version of this great new application is priced at only £16 and is available now from our shop on this site. If you are a registered user of any older version of TimeBandit X, you will soon receive an email from us with a discount (or FREE) offer to upgrade to this new version.
TimeBandit X – 5.0.2[e] has the 100% CLEAN award granted by Softpedia

>> Download – 5.0.2[e] Shareware trial version [2.3 MB approx]

Hexacolor – 3.0 – Date Made Available Here: 10/11/2009
Hexacolor is a Donationware application which helps you to decide which colors to use when you’re designing a website or specifing colors which will be viewed on screen.
If you need to change RGB percentage values into RGB 256 or Hexadecimal values, then this is the application for you!

There are now Mac and PC versions available – PC USERS NOTE: Once you download and decompress the zip file you will have an HEXACOLOR.exe file and a folder called HEXACOLOR Libs – You MUST keep these together for the application to work.
Hexacolor – 3.0 has the 100% CLEAN award granted by Softpedia.

>> Download – Hexacolor for Mac
>> Download – Hexacolor for PC

PLEASE NOTE: Although our Hide-Out! 2.1 application may still be available to download from other websites, it is no longer offered for download here and is now unsupported by us for use on any Apple Macintosh system. The information below is provided for historical purposes only. However, we do have a brand new version (v.3.0) designed for MacOS X Lion, Mountain Lion and Mavericks please click here for more information.

Hide-Out! – 2.1 – Date discontinued: 31/8/2009

Hide-Out! 2.1 was a very simple application which allowed you to take advantage of Mac OS X’s ability to hide a folder by putting a full point in front of its name.
Hide-Out! 2.1 would allow you to do this easily without having to use the terminal application, it also set the invisible bit on the folder keeping it hidden while in Mac OS 9 too.
Hide-Out! – 2.1 was granted the 100% CLEAN award granted by Softpedia

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