Bank-Note 2.0.4


These days it seems that every website you visit has a login for access! The challenge is, where do you keep all of these login details? Do you use the same one for everything, do you write them all down in a notebook and keep it next to your machine where anyone can browse through it?

Bank-Note is designed to keep all your internet Passwords, Usernames, Login details etc. in a Passkey protected, searchable, encrypted file on your computer. Using Bank-note, you’ll be able to easily find these details when you need them, but only YOU will be able to access them.

Bank-Note includes a built-in Passkey generator which gives you a quick random Passkey using 4, 6, 8, 10 or 16 numbers and letters. This is very useful when you sign up to a new site or change your password for an existing one [you do that right?]. You can generate a strong random Passkey during this process and keep all of the new login details in your Bank-Note file.

Bank-Note also has a search field built right in, so that you can easily find the information you are looking for in your list and it includes a high-contrast mode [blue & yellow] in case you find the default [black & white] difficult to read.

Intel, Mac OS X 10.8 or later – Compatible with Mountain Lion, Mavericks and Yosemite.

Here’s a screen shot!

Screen shot

Bank-Note Security Explained
In order to save your details, Bank-Note creates and uses a single text data file. You are asked to create and name this file when you first run the Bank-Note application. Bank-Note will encrypt your data file whenever you Lock or Close the Bank-Note window. The Bank-Note data file is also automatically encrypted when the application is Quit.

Although your Bank-Note data file is just an ordinary text file, the actual data it contains will be unreadable if it is opened outside of the Bank-Note application. Bank-Note 2.0.4 uses the Blowfish symmetric-key block cipher (designed in 1993 by Bruce Schneier) to encrypt your data. No effective cryptanalysis of Blowfish has been found to date.

Bank-Note does NOT need an internet connection to work and it does NOT send or receive any information from the internet or from your local network. If you are concerned about this sort of thing happening with any software, we would suggest that you run a network traffic monitor such as Little Snitch which shows, and allows you to stop, any of the outgoing traffic from your machine.

Remember: Always backup your data. SPACE Software can not accept any responsibility for the safety or security of the data contained in your Bank-Note file. If you decide to purchase and use Bank-Note, you understand that SPACE Software will not reimburse you for any loss which may arise from data theft/corruption or your inability to use this software.

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