TimeBandit X 8.0.1 Released

We are pleased to announce the release of TimeBandit X 8.0.1 This brand new 64-bit version of our application is designed to be faster to launch and future proof for MacOS Mojave & Catalina systems. We have also included full support for the new Dark Mode and updated the way the app can access the Contacts app. This is also a free security update to users of version 8.0. Because we have changed the way the app can access our updates system to make it more secure, you will not be able to use the existing update mechanisim built into version 8.0 of the app. Instead, you will have received an email from us which details how to get your free update.

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MacOS 10.13.4 – Not Optimised Warnings

With the introduction of MacOS 10.13.4 Apple is now warning users that their 32-bit applications are not optimised for 64-bit systems. They are also asking developers to migrate all of their current applications to 64-bit to make sure they are compatible with future MacOS systems.

You’ll be glad to hear that we are in the process of optimising our software at the moment. This means that you’ll be able to carry on using our apps once Apple stops supporting 32-bit applications. However, for the moment you can carry on using the 32-bit apps and if you’re using 10.13.4 or above, you will only see the warning the first time you run the app.

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Bank-Notes 3.0.5 Update Released

BankNoteIconWe are pleased to announce the release of Bank-Notes 3.0.5. This new update is available now and is Free to all Bank-Notes 3 users. If you have set your preferences to Auto check for updates you will be prompted to update next time you launch Bank-Notes. Alternatively, you can choose Check for Updates in the Bank-Notes Application menu. Bank-Notes 3.0.5 has been further optimised to improve speed in all areas and now includes the ability to style your notes by using different fonts, text sizes and colours there are also four new search options to help find your data even faster. In case you missed our last update, this new release also includes the option to remove the random punctuation when using the Key generator to make a new key.

If you’re new to Bank-Notes, you can find out more about the application here.

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TimeBandit X 7.0.7 Released

TimeBandit X

First we’d like to congratulate NASA and JPL on their success in placing the Juno probe into orbit around Jupiter, we can’t wait to see the photographs.

We are also pleased to announce the latest release of our TimeBandit X time managemant application.

Included in this new update: We have fixed an issue where ‘Close & Total Budgets’ wouldn’t actually Total Budgets unless the Preset Jobs window was open at the same time. We have added the total number of Active Fonts on your system to the ‘About TimeBandit X’ window. This is really just an FYI function but it does help if you are having memory issues to be able to quickly see how many fonts are loaded. Finally we’ve added support for the next version of Mac OS X (10.12.6) so you’ll be ready for its release.

TimeBandit X 7.0.7 is another free update to all users of version 7.x. If you have set your TimeBandit X preferences to alert you when a new version is available, you will automatically see the prompt to update your software. Alternatively, you can choose ‘Check for Updates’ from the TimeBandit X menu.

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