Bank-Notes 3.0.5 Update Released

BankNoteIconWe are pleased to announce the release of Bank-Notes 3.0.5. This new update is available now and is Free to all Bank-Notes 3 users. If you have set your preferences to Auto check for updates you will be prompted to update next time you launch Bank-Notes. Alternatively, you can choose Check for Updates in the Bank-Notes Application menu. Bank-Notes 3.0.5 has been further optimised to improve speed in all areas and now includes the ability to style your notes by using different fonts, text sizes and colours there are also four new search options to help find your data even faster. In case you missed our last update, this new release also includes the option to remove the random punctuation when using the Key generator to make a new key.

If you’re new to Bank-Notes, you can find out more about the application here.

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