TimeBandit X 7.0.6 Released

TimeBandit XWe are pleased to announce the release of TimeBandit X 7.0.6.

Included in this new update: There are a couple of cosmetic changes to the timesheet window, which can now be moved by dragging its bottom edge. Export preferences have been updated and we’ve added support for the next version of Mac OS X (10.11.4) so you’ll be ready for its release.

TimeBandit X 7.0.6 is a free update to all users of version 7.

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Screen Capture Format 2.0 Released

ScrnCapIcon_flatWe are pleased to announce the 2nd release of our screen shot defaults editor – Screen Capture Format 2.0.

We have completely re-written the application to make it even easier to use and we’ve added the ability to change the default name used for your screen shots.

Please click here to see the full description of this new application.

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TimeBandit X 7.0.5 Released

TimeBandit XWith added support for Macintosh Retina displays, we have realeased TimeBandit X 7.0.5. today. It’s a free update for existing users of version 7. However, if you’re running a previous version and would like to upgrade at a discount, please send us an email and we’ll reply with a special offer code you can use at the checkout in our store.

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Bank-Notes 3.0 Released Today!

We are pleased to announce the release of Bank-Notes 3.0!

Bank-Notes 3.0 is a complete re-write of our popular Bank-Note 2 app. There is a massive improvement in security as we’ve switched to an AES Encrypted Database to store your notes on your computer. Add to this, Automatic updates, faster search and some delightful animations, we think you’re going to love this new version. Please see this page for a full description of this brand new release.

Bank-Notes v.3.0 requires MacOS 10.8 or above to run.

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