Installing or Launching an application from an Unidentified Developer

If you’re installing/updating or trying to launch a SPACE application, you may encounter a warning message which states that the application cannot be opened because it’s from an ‘unidentified developer.’

This is a result of Gatekeeper, a security feature built into the MacOS that builds on the existing malware checks to help protect your computer from malware and misbehaving apps downloaded from the Internet.

Because SPACE applications aren’t being downloaded from the Apple App Store, Gatekeeper may automatically block our apps from being installed or launched.

To allow your Mac to install or launch a new SPACE application, right-click (or control + click) on the icon for the application.

Next, select Open from the contextual menu.

Open from the contextual menu

You’ll then see a variant of the previous warning dialog box (shown below), which will now have the option to Open the application. Click this button and you’ll be able to launch the app normally from now on.

Click the Open button to allow this application.

License and Activation keys not received

If you have not received your new license details after two business days and you use an email anti-spam filter. Please check your spam folders to see if our email is there. Your new license details will be contained in an HTML format email and will be sent from our support email address. Because our sending address is unlikely to be whitelisted by your server (unless you add it), our emails can sometimes be mistakenly re-directed to your spam folders.

If you have checked your spam folders and you have still not received your new details after two business days, please let us know via email and please include a contact telephone number and an alternative email address for us to try.

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